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In this body of work I used a glass vessel of water as a lens to photograph through. The use of the globe form of the vessel is meant to convey a visual association with the round form of mother Earth. By using glass I conjure the notion of the fragility of the planetary ecosystem in which all living beings play a role. Using water within to encapsulate and reflect the scenes, I create a visual metaphor to express the water resource issues associated with a warming planet. You can learn more about this series titled Glacial Waters in the artworks section.  The artworks you see on this website are available for exhibition, purchase, lease and licensing. Ivana D. George will also do commissions of artwork for public, private and corporate collections. Please contact Ivana directly for more information.

Latest News

    Would you like to enjoy stunning Alpine Photography by Bradford Washburn and Ivana George?

    Ivana's Glacial Waters Series will be featured with Bradford Washburn's stunning photographs of the mountain ranges of Alaska at The Panopticon Gallery in Boston. Opening reception is on Friday September 12 from 5:30-7:30pm. The exhibit runs from September 12, 2014 to January 13, 2015.

    Bradford Washburn was Founding Director of Boston's Museum of Science and served as Director for forty years. Known as a mountaineer, explorer, cartographer and aerial photographer, Washburn traveled the world for eight decades, documenting landscapes from the Grand Canyon to the Alps, from Mount McKinley to the Matterhorn. Ansel Adams called Washburn a "roving genius of mind and mountains." This genius inspired him to pioneer photographic techniques that captured the most remote and inaccessible points on earth, under conditions worthy of a stunt man.

    On display will be 100 contact prints and colossal prints from his 8"x 10" negatives. I am so excited to exhibit my Glacial Waters series with his work because Washburn has been an inspiration to me. Before I created the Glacial Waters project I encountered some of his colossal prints and his work was one of the influences that inspired me to explore climate change in alpine areas through my photography. I was also inspired by the aesthetics of his work. Seeing the exquisite details in his colossal prints that result from taking photographs with 8"x10" film inspired me to want to use that format for my own artwork. It took several years for me to gather the resources, but this summer I have been using an 8x10 camera to explore sustainabilty and food by photographing my own garden.

    I invite you to attend the Opening Reception on Friday, September 12 from 5:30-7:30pm. The address is 502c Commonwealth Ave, Boston, MA 02215. The gallery telephone number is 781-718-5777 and hours are Tue–Sat 9:00-3:00pm, when the director is at the gallery. You can also visit outside those hours, because the gallery is located inside the Hotel Commonwealth in the first floor corridors and private party room. More information can be found at

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