Have you seen my new Tintype Process?

I love the look of the 19th century tintype process.  I looked into learning the process and was put off by the toxicity of the chemistry involved.  While on the artist residency at the Vermont Studio Center I finally had time to finish development of a new photo process I have been tinkering with for over 6 months.   Using aluminum, gel medium, alcohol gel, a digital printer and an image transfer process followed by a UV gloss spray I have managed to create a result that looks nearly identical to the original tintype process but without all the nasty chemistry and inconvenience of having to take a portable darkroom along everywhere.  I created unique works of art from photographs that I had taken in my garden of preparing the soil, planting and harvesting the vegetables and fruits that my husband and I grow in our backyard.  These images are part of the Sustain series, and to read the artist statement and see more work from the series visit http://www.ivanadamiengeorge.com/sustain/