Would you like to see the Most Beautiful Cyanotype Prints...Ever?

While on my artist residency at the Vermont Studio Center last month I made contact prints of my 8" x 10" film negatives using the Mike Ware New Cyanotype process.  Cyanotype is a 19th century iron based printing process where the printer makes a light sensitive emulsion and coats it onto fine art paper or fabric.  The print is made by placing the negative on the dried and coated surface and exposing it to ultraviolet light.  The traditional formula has always left somethings to be desired, including a loss of highlight details, and a less than full value range in the shadow details.  I had heard that the new formula developed by chemist and photographer Mike Ware provided a solution to these problems, plus a much shorter exposure time.  I was thrilled with my results! Over the past 4 years I have been photographing myself and my husband planting and harvesting our urban vegetable garden as a sharing this means of sustainable living.  Visit http://www.ivanadamiengeorge.com/sustain/ to read more about this recent body of work and to see more work from the series Sustain.