How I made a client happy with beautiful commissioned artworks!

Installation Photograph of Artwork in Collector's home

Installation Photograph of Artwork in Collector's home

I would like to share with you the process of how I thrilled my client Nicole with a custom artwork commission for her home. My photographs of snowflakes are not yet published on my website.  However, subscribers to my Art Insider's Group know that I have been experimenting with snowflake photography because I have been sharing behind the scenes photographs of my creative process via my Art Insiders newsletter.

My outdoor setup for snowflake photography....BRRRRR its cold!

My outdoor setup for snowflake photography....BRRRRR its cold!

Nicole desired to have a seasonal rotation of artwork to complement her seasonal theme of her interior decor. She contacted me to find out if I could make artworks to complement her color scheme and winter decor.  I was thrilled to work with her on this project!  I took several steps to ensure a successful commission:

  1. The first thing I asked her to do was to take a photograph of the place she wished to hang the artwork and to measure the space. I also asked for a measurement of the fireplace mantle top.

  2. Then using image software I created some artwork combination ideas with different snowflake photographs superimposed over her photograph of the wall space over her fireplace. I chose photographs with a variety of color schemes and in black and white.

  3. Then we had an in person meeting where I presented a proposal with the different image options, various numbers and sizes of prints and the option to do framed prints or gallery canvas wraps. I also gave her the option to have custom iridescent paint applied to the snowflakes on gallery canvas wraps. She loved this idea and selected a combination of three images printed on canvas at 16"x16", 16"x16" and 24"x36."

  4. I gave her a satisfaction guarantee so she knew that I would address any issues that arose.

  5. I made 8"x10" sample prints on the same print media and provided them to Nicole to verify that the colors of the photographs would coordinate with her decor, before I printed and painted the large canvases.

  6. We discussed and agreed on a color palette I would use the paint the snowflakes.

  7. I checked in with Nicole periodically to let her know how the work was progressing because communication is key to a successful custom art commission.

When I delivered the work she was thrilled with the results.  Even still I called Nicole two weeks later to verify that she was still satisfied with her new artwork, and asked if she desired any changes to the artworks.  She was still happy which made me very happy!