How to Make Amazing Rhubarb Jam!

After creating this new 8x10 film photograph of my abundant rhubarb harvest, I made jam with my mother in law Deb.  There is something so satisfying about cooking and enjoying food that I have grown myself.  It is the other half of the creative impulse that drives me to make images about urban agriculture. 

My pie in jar delicious jam recipe:
2000g of stalks
1000g sugar or 1200g for more firm jam
70g dry apple pectin
Generous Pinch of Hibiscus
Dice fruit, pour over it 400g sugar stir and let sit for one hour. Water will come out. Place Hibiscus in a cloth tea bag and staple/tie shut. Mix pectin and remaining sugar. Pour stalks and sugar mixture into a thick bottom saucepan and add remaining sugar, pectin and hibiscus. Cook while stirring continuously until the fruit breaks down, the jam is thickened and the bubbles make a "bloop" sound when they pop.  Pour into clean glass jars and allow to cool, then refrigerate.  Cooked yield is 84 OZ /2382 G. This recipe is shelf stable if you follow safe canning practices recommended by the USDA.  Visit their site for more information.