Planting Time is Art Making Time

A new artwork from spring planting time!

I just spent two days planting my peppers, greens and leeks while taking photographs using both digital photography and an 8x10 film camera with black and white film.  My intention is to expand my portfolio of cyanotypes and mixed media digital tintypes.  However, sometimes I get photos that I absolutely love in color, like the one above.  I want to create a time gone by look to my work to express a sense of nostalgia for a time when many more people had a small kitchen garden in the back yard.  When I get these images that I absolutely adore in color, I don't know what to do! So far I have been keeping them to myself (with the one exception of the image donated to the Summer Party MFA Benefit Auction).   I feel that consistency of style is important and that is why they are not shown on my website.  I wonder if experimenting with a desaturated "early color film" edit of these images would work conceptually with my series?  Dear reader, what do you think?