Welcome! Click Play on the Videos Below to Watch the Process Behind my Bee-Inspired Works!

I am fascinated by bees and how they collaborate, which I believe comes across in these three 16" x 20" bee-inspired artworks. I'm sharing with you three process videos in which I discuss my interest in these wonderful pollinators, as well as give you a peek into my working process. Much of my photography celebrates working in my urban garden, as well as the organic produce I grow, both of which wouldn't be able to exist without the help of bee's pollination. Pollinators are threatened significantly because of pesticides such as neonicotinoids that are used not only in large-scale agriculture but also gardening. Growing organically helps me protect bees from disruptive pesticides that are often used in farms and gardens.

For tips on your own bee-friendly growing, check out this link via Friends of the Earth. Here you will be able to find steps you can take today to protect bee population, including chemicals to avoid in order to prevent further decline, as well as a list of resources and bee-friendly retailers to help support your own bee-friendly and organic growing!

Scroll down to watch the videos of my process and to view these bee-inspired works. If you enjoy my message and the work, I offer you an opportunity to collect them by clicking here.

An important element of my "Sustain" series is my process of transferring onto different substrates; as you'll see in these videos, I have fallen in love with creating transfers on brushed aluminum panels. The brushed aluminum reflects the light with a soft glow. I have prepared the panels with metallic and/or iridescent pigments. The pigments' visual effect is subtle and most noticeable under direct light, as you view the artwork from different angles. The pigments on the aluminum cause the images to appear to glow from within. I especially love how the look of the warm gold-copper pigment makes the honeycomb sparkle and glisten.