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I want to share with you some unique handmade artworks from the Sustain series! While creating these works, I innovated a technique to create these warm toned mixed media artworks using photo image transfers with archival inks and acrylic paint, on an aluminum substrate and with a ultraviolet light protection coating on the surface.

To watch my slideshow depicting the many steps in this process, click play on the videos below!

I am inspired by the history of American vegetable gardening, especially the WWII era victory garden movement when Americans grew 60% of their produce in backyards and community gardens. I photograph my own vegetable garden with a vintage aesthetic to evoke a sense of nostalgia for a time when more people grew food in the backyard and community gardens. I am also inspired by a love of organic slow food and my desire to live a more sustainable lifestyle. Recently scientists from the University of California Santa Barbara, led by research professor David Cleveland, recently conducted a study and found that greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced by 2 kilograms for every kilogram of homegrown vegetables, when compared with store-bought vegetables. They documented several other health and economic benefits associated with growing produce at home. You can learn more at mnn.com.

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