To connect the themes in my project to the history of American vegetable gardening, especially the WWII era victory gardens, where Americans grew 60% of their produce during the war, I create prints with a vintage aesthetic.  I want to evoke a sense of nostalgia for a time when more people grew food in the backyard and community gardens.  I innovated a technique using mixed media and digital photography image transfer on aluminum to create these unique artworks in warm tones that recall the historic tintype process.  Subtle inclusions of the contemporary urban environment connect us from our past to our present and the artworks highlight a means to a more sustainable future. The artworks are protected with a glossy archival ultraviolet light blocking spray. The watermark is for internet display only.

I use an analog 8" x 10" camera to record in exquisite detail the gorgeous textures of the fruits and vegetables. Baroque inspired lighting glistens off the dewdrops on the freshly harvested produce. These prints are handmade 8" x 10" cyanotypes on 100% cotton paper in an edition of 15. The serene blue color palette conjures the inner peace I experience through connecting with the life giving capacities of the earth, through cultivation and care of my plants.  The prints are available for your collection in the acquire art section of the website. The watermark is for internet display only.