Welcome! Click the Play Button to Watch Me Create “Purple Abundance in August”

I harvested an abundance of purple cauliflower and purple flowered borage and it inspired me to create an artwork I am calling "Purple Abundance in August." I made a little video with my phone during the photoshoot to share with you, so you can enjoy the creative process. My intention is to create a color image with this photoshoot.  Using color design is very important to me.  I always consider how I can use color schemes in my work to create overall harmony with emphasis on the main subject through color contrast. I selected yellow as a complementary color to purple. Complementary colors are those opposite on the color wheel.  Complementary colors when placed near each other in an artwork have the optical effect of increasing the impression of color saturation.   I incorporated yellow dill flowers and this pretty vintage lavender dress with white polka dots and yellow flowers. The yellow, green and blue are all analogous colors and I used them to create harmony in the artwork. Analogous colors are those adjacent on the color wheel.

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