Terra Cura www.terracura.org

Terra Cura is a local community partnership in Kingston, MA.  They do great work in the areas of organic agriculture, permaculture, installation services and education. 

"We share one common bond and goal to do good work by healing the earth, by healing people and by sharing any and all resources derived from this endeavor with others." -Terra Cura

Land use Consulting:

  • Edible Landscapes & Agriculture
  • Phyto-Technology
  • Regenerative Land Management 
  • Regenerative Business Practice
  • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Energy & Water Efficiency
  • Zero-Waste Stream

education & outreach

  • Core Services : Educational programming is an integral part of our core services. Workshops are integrated into each design and tailored to clients' needs.

  • Terra Cura Farm : As a platform to demonstrate, experiment and share our regenerative practices, we are developing a 6 acre farm in Kingston, Massachusetts USA into an outdoor classroom for community events and workshops. Check out ourTerra Cura Farm here

  • Sustainer Contracts :  We provide on-going educational programs and professional development as a benefit of our sustainer contracts. Programs can be generic or specific to clients' needs.

  • Memberships :  As a member of Terra Cura Inc., you will have the opportunity to take part in our on-going outreach events, workshops and speaker series at discounted prices.