Discover Highlights from Art Basel Miami 2016!

Attending the Art Fairs Was so Inspiring!

I wanted to write about this sooner but wow time flies when you're having fun!  Anyway, I wanted to share some of the artworks I discovered at Scope, Pulse, NADA and several other fairs I recently attended in Miami.  I find these events to be a fantastic whirlwind.  I made some professional contacts and soaked up the incredible variety of creativity on display.  As an artist I find these events show me a wide variety of ways that artists are experimenting with materials and concepts right now.  I can spot trends and innovators.  At the end I am exhausted and invigorated to get back to creating my own work, yet with many fresh approaches and possibilities in mind.

Sometimes it was the subject matter that drew me in, such as Zubiaga's "Fragile XV."  With my interest in representing water resource issues due to retreating glaciers, I was drawn to his mixed media works depicting the breaking apart of Greenland's glaciers. I was drawn to some of the other creative approaches to the photographic medium that I saw including Dinh's woven "Self Portrait" and a spectacularly large (40" x 30") platinum print by Munoz titled "Serie Tango."  As a practitioner of historic photography processes, I know that this print took great skill to execute and it expressed intense passion and warmth.

Villinsky's sculptures made of butterflies drew my attention because I have been learning about how to select and place plants to draw helpful insects into my garden such as butterflies, bees, praying mantis, ladybugs and other predator bugs that will eat garden pest insects.  I have been mulling over ways I might incorporate representations of these insects into my artworks and that is why Villinsky's work drew my eye.  I was even more interested when I saw that his work is made from painted recycled aluminum cans.  I am also interested in using recycled materials in my work.  So far, I use 100% recycled cotton paper for my pigment ink prints. 

One of my favorite exhibit booths was the booth of Bernice Steinbaum Gallery.  She always puts on a dynamic show.  I would have featured every artist in her booth because it was so fantastic, but one really stood out to me. The mixed media sculptures of DeMolina created a surreal world where animals have evolved or been genetically engineered into hybrid creatures.  They really captured my imagination. 

Last but not least I was really wowed by the paper sculpture work by Brown.  This 4 foot diameter sculpture was made of laser cut paper in forms that reminded me of corals and sea life.  As an artist who works largely with paper, I was awed with the intricate cuts that he was able to create from paper.  I found the depth and shape to remind me of video footage I have watched of divers exploring coral reefs.

I hope that you have enjoyed my mini-tour and personal account of some of the best works of Miami Art Week 2016!  Hey and if you enjoyed reading this article, why not get notified of my future blog posts?  Join the Art Insiders Group today by clicking on the button on the top right sidebar of this page.  Cheers!