I believe that great art is not only visually compelling but that it should also have a subject matter, a meaning, and a purpose beyond the purely aesthetic.  This is the point of grounding for my art practice.  The driving motivator to my artistic process is my passion for exploration and learning. Through my art practice I have taken on various roles such as sociologist, mountain climber, investigator/researcher, environmental activist, and a multitude of other roles to explore the world. I use my art production to share my discoveries, insights and views developed in the process of exploration and learning. Because I am innately curious I have explored a variety of subjects in my artwork but my work as a whole is united by my aesthetic approach. As an artist who uses lens based imaging, my aesthetic is one of making an image rather than taking an image. I am drawn to photography as a primary medium although I do not define myself as strictly a photographer.  I use a variety of methods to  create my artworks including staging, costuming, collage, digital photomontage, and incorporation of video, audio and installation.
Ivana Damien George 1999-2015
All rights reserved.
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